The company brings the public and private sectors together to leverage innovative social impact investing.

Ellavoz Impact Capital, a Belmar, New Jersey-based private equity firm, is providing insight on how to successfully create and execute a social impact business model that facilitates and supports community development.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to adversely affect people all over the county, low-income communities are feeling the financial impact even more and are struggling to get back on their feet. Many of these communities are experiencing distressed asset valuations even when demand is at a peak for affordable housing.

“When it comes to a social impact business model, its success is contingent on how it is created and executed,” said Robert Hutchins, CEO and Managing Director of Ellavoz Impact Capital. “It requires taking a step back and looking at the big picture to understand how executing the defined goal will create a sustainable, positive impact for all parties involved.”

While the intent behind social impact investing for community development is to create positive social change, Ellavoz’s strategy of ‘Shared Value Investing’ provides equal weight to investor returns.

Ellavoz Impact Capital has a 10-year strategy to rebuild distressed neighborhoods with quality affordable housing. This strategy is significantly different than an ordinary opportunity zone fund single asset transactional investment. The Ellavoz funds will include residential rental properties as well as acquisition, rehab and sale of single family units.

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About Ellavoz Impact Capital

Ellavoz Impact Capital is the management company for the Ellavoz Shred Values Opportunity fund and the Ellavoz Impact Angel Network. The angel Network represents high net worth individuals, family office and businesses that believe innovative opportunity fund investing in underserved communities will result in positive financial and social impact returns.