Ellavoz Shared Values Opportunity Fund


What is Opportunity Zone Fund investing?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created the most significant tax reduction incentives in generation. This new investment vehicle for directing private sector capital into economically distressed communities known as “Qualified Opportunity Zones” and provides an attractive alternative investment asset class.

  • Deferral until 2026 of federal (and many states) tax on capital gains if the taxpayer reinvests the gains in a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days (or longer in certain entities);
  • Reduction of the deferred tax in 2026 of up to 15% if invested in Fund for 7 years and 10% if invested in Fund for 5 years; and
  • Exclusion of the entire gain from the investment in the Opportunity Fund if the investment has been held by the taxpayer for at least 10 years.Exclusion of the entire gain from the investment in the Opportunity Fund if the investment has been held by the taxpayer for at least 10 years.

What is the ELLAVOZ Shared Value Opportunity Fund?

We are about unleashing the power of capitalism to make a positive impact. We bring together great projects with social impact investors. Our investment philosophy of shared values results in both tangible and intangible returns on the investment:

  • Financial return to investors;
  • A positive social impact in opportunity zone communities.

What is Our Vision?

To build-up to full potential the undervalued communities with resources and experience of the private sector for the shared benefit of all. We believe this decade will see significant upside value in Opportunity Zones. Our strategic partnership with New Jersey Community Capital will provide Impact Angel investors with deal flow for Opportunity Zone projects that are socially impactful, lower than market cost of capital and subject to professional due diligence.

What fees does the fund charge me?

In addition to the direct reimbursement of out of pocket costs for professional fees, etc., the Qualified Opportunity Funds pay an annual fund management fee not in excess of 2%. We do not charge the real estate private equity industry standard carried interest of up to 30% of the profit upon sale of the deal. That would not be in accordance with our philosophy of investing side by side with our ELLAVOZ Impact Angel Network. We will however charge an Exit Fee of 2% which is commensurate with the additional time and resources to complete the investment exit transaction.