Introduction and Instructions:

The focus of the Ellavoz Shared Values Opportunity Fund is to seek projects that need Opportunity Zone equity investments, as well as debt that could possibly be provided by NJCC, according to the Fund guidelines. In association with Ellavoz Impact Capital, the goal is to build Sustainable Communities by providing the asset class for private sector capital to confidently invest in high impact projects that create dignified affordable homes and decent work for everyone. We believe that a home is a basic necessity for the related sustainable development goals of Health and Wellness, Quality Education, Reduced Poverty and Economic Growth.

Ellavoz Shared Values Opportunity Fund was created to provide real estate preferred equity project financing in Opportunity Zone areas. We realize that our customers have varying levels of sophistication about the field of real estate and may be at different places along the real estate development continuum. Ellavoz Shared Values Opportunity Fund wants to be respectful of its customers’ time while ensuring all of the information necessary to make prudent investment decisions is received and processed timely. For the OZ program in particular, the following Application gauges your project’s alignment with Ellavoz’s mission to create thriving communities. Applicants need to show how their project positively impacts lower income communities.

Prior to assembling the required documentation and submitting this application, we recommend that prospective customers contact Robert Hutchins, CPA, CEO of Ellavoz Impact Capital to arrange a brief introductory meeting or phone conversation. Email to set up a call.

OZ Ellavoz Intake Form